Applying the promise of product personality

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The Centre for Applied Product Personality Research also wants the promise of product personality to be applied in practice.
By connecting great product personality experts from around the world with brand owners, the Centre will show the benefits of Product Personality in the real world. Product Personality research will uncover new customer needs and wants by applying the Big Five, a generic evidence-based personality model. Consumers will discover needs and desires they never realised they had. Owners of products and services will see an increase in repeat and referral sales.

CaPPr can also help marketing agencies and professionals increase the accuracy and robustness of their understanding of consumer behaviour. This will improve forecasting and improve the reliability and validity of targeting products and experiences to consumers. It will help to better align brand expression to perception.
Applying CaPPr’s evidence-based methods will also make both on and offline marketing more effective and simpler and let professionals dispose over a generic, evidence-based model. The model can also be applied proactively to increase the effectiveness of procurement and product & service development.