The People

At CaPPr, we believe a network of inspired people will make innovation happen. We consider our community to be one of our strongest assets. With an international network that includes professionals from a variety of realms as well as people affiliated with academic institutions such as Technical University Delft, Stanford University and the Cambridge University, CaPPr is able to collaborate at scale and make meaningful change happen faster and more systemically than those who go it alone.

We at CaPPr strongly believe that consumers can benefit from personality psychology research in a great many key life areas. It will help them discover what they really want through who they are.

This discovery will contribute to more sustainable choices and increased post-purchase satisfaction. Two objectives that serve the needs of the consumer, the requirements of business as well as our respect for the environment.


Peter van der Bel

Curator & Founder

Gijs Heerkens

Chief Technologist & Co-Founder

Prof. Dr. Jan Schoormans

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

Koenraad Goris

Chief Psychologist & Partner

Jori de Goede

Software developer

Joep van den Hoven

    Data Scientist