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We at CaPPr want to help you better match your products, services and jobs to your customers. We do so by offering a wide range of personality-centric products and services to owners of brands, products and services as well as marketing agencies and HR & OD professionals.

We are an innovative company, dedicated to helping our clients generate new value by unlocking the potential of personality psychology research in overcoming old legacies. At the heart of our company is a simple yet compelling truth: that given the right knowledge and tools, everyone can be a personality-centric producer of growth and innovation. Tools and knowledge transfer form the core of our CaPPr method, Personality Centric Thinking.

What new value can look like?

CaPPr’s services can contribute to increased repeat and referral sales due to the fact that customers will not only buy what they want but also who they are. This in particular applies when it comes to letting customers discover their unmet needs. Unmet needs being everything they never knew they wanted to do, get, be know or expierce. Soe describe it as finding the better version of yourself. When discovering unmet needs, changes are customers will not only come back for repeat sales but more importantly they will also recommend your business to friends and family.

CaPPr also helps you align the perception of your brand, product or experience with the personality you think is most suitable. Thus unlocking the promise of product personality.

Which of your challenges are we helping to solve with CaPPr’s services?

Due to the fast progress in product personality research and its application in business, there is a great many opportunities to solve long standing problems. Challenges such as low rates of recurring and referral customers, stalling conversions, a discrepancy between brand expression versus its perception and old legacies that stall innovation can now be integratedly addressed by applying findings in product personality research. In doing so organisations will dispose over a generic and scientifically-validated model for both on and offline marketing. CaPPr’s services and tools can provide for these. The model can also be applied to step-up the effectiveness of product development, on and offline marketing and procurement.

For marketing professionals and agencies CaPPr can contribute solving problems in the area of mediocre predictability of consumer behavior and the outdatedness and unreliability many marketing fundamentals to predict consumer behavior. Increased effectiveness of product development, on and offline marketing and procurement.

Last but not least: Let’s help consumers make better purchases.

What related product personality research is currently under way?

A number of promising developments take place in the research that focusses on personality as a predictor of professional success. Another field interesting to watch is social data inferred personality profiling.


A PP-centric profile specifies the personality traits and sometimes facets that are required for successful market performance of your organisation’s brand, products or experiences.

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Once you have a PP-centric profile for your brand, product or service in place. Then it is key to find out whether they are performing in the market.

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PP-centric development is a structured approach to close the gap between the required personality profile and the perceived one.

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Consultancy & Training

Provide personality centric awareness and approaches for adressing short and long term solutions to on and offline marketing challenges.

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