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Our personality-centric tools allow us to discern what truly matters to customers & suppliers and deliver insights to inspire action. We believe that given the right knowledge and tools, everyone can be a personality-centric producer of growth and innovation. Tools and knowledge transfer form the core of our CaPPr method, Personality-Centric Thinking.

What new value can CaPPr’s products produce?

Repeat sales is the result of carefully meeting the needs of the customer. A step beyoind that is helping them discover their unmet want. All the things they never knew they wanted to do, get, be, have, know or experience. This discovery will foster referral sales and thus placing leverage on your marketing efforts. The systemic approach to dis or uncover unmet needs will also enable you to apply the promise of product personality to product development. Make the findings from marketing applicable to product development. In terms of brand expression you will be able to align the expression to the perception.

Last but not least by your new marketing efforts you will have been able to have made a difference. A difference in the sense that you enabled you customers discover a better version of themselves.

Which of your challenges are we helping to solve with CaPPr’s tools?

Customer loyalty and recurring sales still are corner stones for any solid business. In this era of multi channel access convincing customers to return is increasingly difficult to attain. Let alone convince customers to refer your business to their peers.

The search of new business opportunities very often is a haphazard process whereas the need for for it is conditional to survive. A growing need for a structural method to discern new business opportunities is eminent.

Other challenges that need adressing are amongst other: stalling conversion, low success predictability in product development and procurement processes, discrepancy between brand expression and perception and old legacies that stall innovation and threaten profit.

What great Product Personality voices and research findings are applied here?

These services are based on the research findings from Geoffrey Miller as publicised in a number of his articles, books and lectures. The groundbreaking work of Michal Kosinski and his collegues into the relation between social media traits and their expression of personality. Sam Gosling’s work on the relationships between the places we live in and our personality are also applied in CaPPr’s services.

What related PP research is currently underway?

A number of promising developments take place in the research that focusses on personality as a predictor of professional success. Another field interesting to watch is social data inferred personality profiling.

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