How can psychology help develop attractive housing projects?

If you look at it and the things that can’t be changed, those are the things to see whether there’s a match between them. Does this personality of the house match with the owner?

And in order to trigger the owner to see through the other parts of the house, the things that can be changed, nowadays you have all these 3D applications that can show this is also that way this house could look like.

If you would just change these things so if you were to kick out this wall and change the kitchen this way, then it will look like this. So if you already provide potential buyers of a house, with certain options, it can go this way or that way, that can help to see through those things.

So I think the match should be on the things that cannot be changed then you need to convince the buyer, you’re looking at it now with this dark wooden floor and I see that the dark wood is a bit too gloomy and you’re much more bright optimistic person and you don’t want that but if you take the floor away and put this floor in, it would be much more fitting with your personality.