What role can personality play in home buying?

Sure, so I mean, to me it makes a lot of sense that someone who buys a house in the first place is trying to buy a house that matches their personality.

So obviously practical considerations do come in, I would like to buy a mansion but I can’t but given the options that you have then you make a choice that this is the best house for me and that’s probably driven by psychology.

So given then that I’m selling a house in future, then the house that I’m selling probably I have, number one, bought a house that matches me and number two, I have done some effort to customize the house to match my personality.

So the house that I’m selling is probably a house that someone like me would be more interested in buying. So it is, a bit like dating, you know, people find other people like them, you also spend a long time in your house so people. You know it would make sense that they would be searching for houses like them as well.