What is the psychology behind people wearing ripped clothes?

Second is I think it’s also interesting for apparel brands is like ageing with dignity, a strategy that I describe in one of my papers, as a strategy that changes the material by use.

So in order to trigger some sort of a memory or at least to show you have been using this product for a while, to show a history between you and the product, it’s very interesting if the material of the product changes. And especially with with clothing, you can change the material as a result of uses.

Quite clear example is the use of leather for example, if you use leather It actually becomes prettier by use because there’s a bit of wear and tear and some scratches there and actually as a result, it fits you better and it also gives this very unique feel to it. So if you want to stimulate this feeling of attachment, that can also be a way to trigger it, by making use of materials that have the tendency to age gracefully and really become beautiful over time.