What's the difference between personality and values?

The difference in traits for example and values is a person maybe outgoing or sociable, gregarious. Or they may on the other hand, be solitary, private. That is who they are. It’s how they’re built. But it may not be important to them. What they do with their solitude reflects their values, what is important to them.

So if I’m a solitary person and I play soccer all the time and I go out and I practice my kicks or I’m a tennis player and I go out and I practice my serves for hours, I’m being solitary but I’m being very active. So my value for activity and being busy is reflected there.

On the other hand, I may be a solitary person. And with my solitude, I read and I read and I read and I express my value for intellect. Or if I’m solitary, I may express my value for helping or altruism by finding ways of doing things for others in my solitude.

So personality traits are who we are. It’s how we’re different from others but our traits aren’t necessarily important to us. Values are what’s important.

We’re born with traits. We acquire our values. That’s another big difference.