Why does personality-centric marketing cause CTR and conversion go through the roof?

Yes, so actually when I looked at the findings for the first time I was really surprised to see that the effect of something like psychological targeting was bigger on conversion rates then it was through click through rates because if you think about the customer journey, they basically they click first and then if anything they purchase. So I would have expected that the effect to be bigger on click through rates I thought about it quite a lot of why we find these patterns.

And I think the reason is probably that first of all clicks are really noisy especially when I am using my phone, I often accidentally click on something something that I didn’t want to click on, so there is quite a lot of error around these clicks. And second of all clicks are also something that are very spontaneous and it is just the first expression of an interest.

So I might think yes that I am interested in playing a party app after having seen the ad maybe I like the picture. But then once I get to the google play store and read more about the app and the description, I probably realize that it is not for me because I am an introverted geek and I do not even like partying or drinking.

So in that sense conversions are in comparison to clicks are much more effected by like this deliberate choice or deliberate decision to actually download something to buy a product. And of course at the moment this is just an educated guess and I think we need to go back to the lab and test that empirically and see what is really going on here.